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The "Most Likely Range" represents values that exist within the 25th and 75th percentile of all pay data available for this role. The median salary for a referee is $75k to $100k, while the median salary for a linesman is $50 to $60k. Each amateur hockey game is usually overseen by one referee and one lineman. Its a thankless job, one in which you go unnoticed on the ice when your best night falls on it. Outside of the minor and professional leagues, college refs make the most money per game of any of the other officials. The average hockey referee salary will be $32,247 per year beginning in October 2022 and continuing for the next five years. The referee is responsible for enforcing the rules of the game and for calling penalties. In the early 1990s, regular season games cost $220 and playoffs cost $500. This figure includes approximately 10% of the NHL average salary of $3 million per year. In this league, timekeepers are typically paid less than in other professional sports. The numbering system, like how players are limited to a certain number of jersey numbers based on which position they play, has no rhyme or reason. Salaries below this are outliers. The average ref salary is reported to be between $180,000 and $550,000. The average college hockey referee salary is $50 per game. However, according to a quick search on Indeed.com, the average hourly pay for a hockey referee in the United States is $15.96. If you want to work as an NHL referee or linesman, you must have exceptional skating skills. NHL referees earn an average of $262,500 per year. The National Hockey League (NHL) is well-known for its high salaries and multimillion-dollar teams. A college officials annual salary is likely to be around $15,000, after taxes and expenses. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. It can be difficult for ice hockey referees to become proficient in a variety of subjects. While at the NCAA level referees can make upwards of $400 per game, with linesman USA Hockey offers a variety of officiating programs and clinics to help develop officials at all levels. Some junior hockey leagues may pay their referees more, but this is typically the range that most refs get paid. For certain playoff games there is either one or two standby referees and linesmen for each game in case of illness or injury. The new rule is a step in the right direction, and should be implemented in order for on-ice officials to receive the proper compensation for their efforts. NHL referees salaries are estimated to be $262,500 per year. The yearly wage then rises to between $141,291 and $292,027 in 2022-23. According to PayScale.com, the average salary for a hockey scorekeeper in the NHL is $18 per hour. For more information please visit, https://secure.nhl.com/nhlexposurecombine, As of November, 2021 the NHLOA stated there were. The salary starts at $35,544 per year and goes up to $47,650 per year for the highest level of seniority. The NHLOA has a contract in place with the NHL and is a member of the minor leagues. This event is aimed towards high-level players and former players who have competed at the college, university, and/or junior hockey level but have no pro experience. According to the NHL, the average NHL referee salary is 51% higher in San Francisco than in the United States. Average pay for referees and linesmen is between $75,000 and $100,000, with slightly less for umpires. The official scorer takes care of checking the teams rosters and awards goals and assists to players with their decision final. Entry-level referee earn about $200,000. The cost of reffing during the playoffs is $27,000 per round. All members are active Officials under contract to the NHL who are working in the NHL and designated minor leagues The NHL season is a gruelling one as training camps begin in September with the Stanley Cup being hoisted nine months later. However, they sometimes change a goal or assist after reviewing the play on video. According to the National Basketball Association, the average hockey referee salary for October 2022 is $32,247. The elite panel earns an average of $10,000 per match, while the basic panel earns $8,000. Full-time referees can easily earn $100,000 or more in the low end, which is quite a bit considering they work only a dozen or so hours per week. The linesmen are responsible for calling offsides and icing violations. He or she is responsible for enforcing the rules of the game and for maintaining order on the ice. Based on Indeed Salaries data, the average salary for a referee is $13.88 per hour, which is approximately $27,760 a year. For this reason, it is more than they earn on a regular basis. According to the National Basketball Association, the average hockey referee salary. Generally, referees can expect to make between $30 and $100 per game. I created this website so I can teach more people about ice hockey. In the regular season, an NHL referee can earn up to $400,000 per year. For example, a youth league referee may only earn a few dollars per game, while a professional referee can earn thousands of dollars per game. As a result, the average NFL ref salary could be higher than the league average. The National Hockey League Officials Association (NHLOA) was established in 1969 to help hockey officials deal with their working conditions. The highest-paid NHL refs make $400,000 per year, while the lowest-paid NHL refs make barely $5,000 in their first year. There are a lot of players and officials on the ice during a game, so having numbers makes it easier to identify everyone. What is the most low salary off ice official can earn? It really depends on a number of factors. AHL teams are classified into three types: teams from the United States, teams from Canada, and teams from other countries. Depending on the league, college hockey refs are typically paid between $375 and $450 per game. The Stanley Cup playoffs are the most competitive and intense during the regular season for players and referees. WebHockey Referee. Referees play an important role in the sport of hockey. Average USA Hockey Referee hourly pay in the United States is approximately $12.50, which is 23% below the national average. They are responsible for ensuring that all players are treated fairly and that no one is given an unfair advantage. Referees are required to have detailed knowledge of the rules. Its recommended that you also attend official training camps and schools and take power skating lessons if needed to help in your development. How many games do refs in the NFL actually ref? The primary responsibility of the linesman is to keep red and blue lines clear. Referees in amateur leagues earn between $30 and $75 per game. A full-time NHL referee earns a very good living. These training camps concentrate on penalty calls, on-ice positioning, and off-ice theory classes. This equates to $2,687 per month, or $630 per week. Theyre also paid $17,250 for each playoff round worked. A level 1 hockey referee can make anywhere from $25 to $75 per game, depending on the level of the game and the location. NHL referees make between $213,142 and $465,919 USD in 2021-22 depending on years of service. The salaries of hockey referees range from $44,338 to $63,552. 3 Salary Range for a National Hockey League The National Hockey League is a premier organization in the world of Ice hockey. The average annual salary for an American Hockey League (AHL) referee is $75,000 to $100,000. In this position, the NFL referees deserve to be fairly compensated, as it is a valuable position. NHL refs and linesmen work 73 games each season, with linesmen working 75 games. There are no other professional sports in North America that are higher than this level. The average NHL referee salary is between $165,000 and $400,000 per year, according to estimates. At $21,000, you are ranked 25th among all Americans. The National Hockey League (NHL) has a large number of millionaires as well as high-paid players. As a result of the intense scrutiny and pressure that game refs face during games, their pay is likely to skyrocket. Don Cherry has a net worth of $6,009,712 (US$54,978) as of today, ranking No. For example, in junior hockey you can get paid between $60-$130 a game usually, depending on if you are a referee or linesman. Linesmen are on-ice hockey officials who have different responsibilities than referees. It is important to remember, however, that officials like these are highly compensated for their work. In comparison to the average for U.S. labor, NHL refs in San Francisco receive the highest pay, with total compensation 51% higher. There is no set salary for ice hockey referees, as their earnings depend on a number of factors such as the level of competition they are officiating, their experience, and the geographical location. A referee can expect to earn up to $430,000 per year, while a linesman can expect to earn up to $440,000. A Canadian referee can earn up to $60k per year as a CHL referee, and they can work only two to three hours per day. ZipRecruiter has a total job count of 16,499,195.7%. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for USA Hockey refs in the United States is $19.65, which is 29% higher than the national average. The NHL also utilizes a host of off-ice officials for each game who perform advisory and administrative duties. Officials are expected to adhere to the USA Hockey Code of Conduct and Officiating Standards and Procedures. As a result, referees receive a large salary, particularly when compared to salaries received in the playoffs. As a result, they are among the worlds highest-paid professionals. How much do A NFL referee earns an average salary of $205,000 per year, according to the NFL. If you love sports, have a "feel" for the game, and a basic grasp of the rules you can be an official. Junior hockey players, for example, can expect to earn between $60 and $130 per game, depending on whether they are a referee or a linesman. ZipRecruiter has 26K-$20,000 off-ice official jobs (now open) for the NHL. Umpires in Major League Baseball earn an annual salary of $300,00, and NBA refs make an annual salary of $375,00. So, how much do ahl hockey referees make? How much do the guys at Subway get paid? They are responsible for enforcing the rules of the game and keeping the players safe. The video goal judge reviews replays to decide if a goal has been scored legally. In both the playoffs and the Olympics, officials receive bonuses for each game they serve. NHL officials now earn a maximum salary of around $300,000 per year, whereas players earn a minimum of more than $500,000 per year. A referees salary ranges between $1,000 and $4,000 per game. The state of North Dakota has a higher average of $27,500 (24.7%) than the national average. One of those jobs that rewards you for your best night, but allows you to go unnoticed. Best Way To Preserve A Signed Hockey Stick, Nike And The NHL: A Partnership That Lasts, Queens Ice And Bowl is the one-stop entertainment destination in London, The Most Common Knee Injuries And How To Treat Them, No Mercy On The Ice: Why Hockey Teams Keep Scoring Even When Theyre Way Ahead, Everything You Need To Know About Youth Hockey In Massachusetts, How To Find The Perfect Bar To Watch Hockey, Union College Hockey Set To Take On Opponents In Exciting Game. 150 salaries reported, updated at April 14, 2023 Is this useful? Other than the pay scale, the major difference between referees and linesmen are their on-ice duties. Working nine months a year as a CHL referee will pay you $60,000 Canadian, and you can work only a few hours per day. Basketball referees in college basketball earn an average salary of $58,000-72,000 per year. Fast paced work. NHL referees deserve to be among the highest paid in the world. If hired, officials typically work their way up the ranks until reaching the pro level. USA Hockey is the national governing body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States and is a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Help with set-up and break down. Because there are 117 NFL officials, the jersey numbers for officials are solely for identification purposes, with 135 being the number assigned to them. A referee is compensated handsomely for refereeing in a playoff match. Even though there is no age requirement, it is strongly advised that new hockey officials not work under their own age classification or rank. Know Your Worth. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are the salaries of the very best referees and linesmen in the world. A full-time NHL referee earns between $165,000 and $360,000 per year. Frank Udvari was the highest paid NHL referee in 2008. In 2021, the Toronto Maple Leafs Auston Matthews was the highest-paid NHL player, signing a deal worth $15.9 million. The official game timekeeper is in charge of stopping and starting the game clock and the correct moment and is aided by a stopwatch in case of a malfunction in the clock. According to Comparably, the median salary for a football ref in the NCAA (which includes the SEC) is around $57,000. During the playoffs, referees make $27,000 per round. The National Hockey League, one of the most popular sports in the world, is extremely competitive. The top earners earn $62,500 per year on average, with $31,500 per year on average. Is there a minimum age to become an official? Depending on the league, college referees are paid between $375 and $450 per game. Every season, there are 60-65 games that a referee works, and first-year referees make around $200K on average. Veterans must have a minimum income of $75,000. In addition, they have the ability to issue penalties that can alter the course of a game. Hockey Player in Massachusetts: $58,575. The top earners in the NHL earn an average of $90,000 per season, according to the league, with salary increases for referees in recent years. NHL referees are paid more than linesmen as an NHL linesmans average salary is between $137,485 and $284,904 for 74 games in 2021-22 for an average of between $1,858 and $3,850 per contest. Hockey Player in California: $60,137. The Icemen: A Professional Hockey Team From Jacksonville Florida, Queens Ice And Bowl is the one-stop entertainment destination in London, The Most Common Knee Injuries And How To Treat Them, No Mercy On The Ice: Why Hockey Teams Keep Scoring Even When Theyre Way Ahead, Everything You Need To Know About Youth Hockey In Massachusetts, How To Find The Perfect Bar To Watch Hockey, Union College Hockey Set To Take On Opponents In Exciting Game. It's all about winning, it's all about having the best 12-year-old do a dumbbell workout," he says. After the physical and interview, referees must submit written applications. At the most, the majority of refs work between 50 and 73 games, earning between $1,500 and $5,000 per game, depending on their seniority level. An NHL player earns about $3 million per year on average, but this figure represents approximately 10% of their annual salary. All goals in the NHL are reviewed either by a video goal judge in the arena or at the NHLs control room in Toronto. This is a full-time position that reports directly to the Head Coach and General Manager. How much per game does an NHL ref earn per season? For example, an NHL referee could earn up to $1,000 per game, while a lower-level referee could earn around $100 per game. Although NHL refs are not paid in the playoffs, they are compensated generously through a significant bonus. All who watch hockey owe a debt of gratitude to the National Hockey Leagues referees, who are highly valued members of the hockey community. Junior hockey players, for example, can expect to earn between $60 and $130 per game, depending on whether they are a referee or a linesman. The more experience a referee has, the higher their wage is likely to be. Games in the playoffs and even the Olympics can result in referee bonuses. The 422 Sports Plex, a full-service sports facility in Stamford, Connecticut, paid its hockey scorekeeper $18 per hour, according to reports. NFL referees, who are only part-time employees, are the leagues best at what they do. All levels of instruction for NHL referees must be completed in at least three years. For refereeing youth or recreational hockey games, the league pays referees between $30 and $75 per game, which is typically a 75-minute game. They dont make anywhere near the 2021-22 NHL minimum player salary of $750,000, but are still quite well paid. Under the terms of their contract with the NHL and designated minor leagues, all of the officials for the NHLOA are also members of that organization. The NHLs highest-paid referee earns $400,000 or more per year, according to the league. The American Hockey League (AHL) is a professional ice hockey league that consists of 30 teams in the United States, 26 teams in the United States, and four teams in Canada.

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